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When you select a portable charger for any device like mobile phone, iPad, iphone or tablets, you need to verify the specifications of the charger like battery capacity, input and output voltage and current. Verify that these parameters are compatible with those of the device. The battery capacity depends on the capacity of the device, frequency of full charge of your device, number of cycles of charging and the number of devices that you need to charge.


5V devices like mobile phones, tablets, iphones require portable chargers that have an input and output of 5V and 500-1000 mA. There are several types of portable chargers of this type. The battery capacity varies and the type of battery is Li-ion type. You can opt for usual portable external chargers or solar chargers that work on solar energy. The reason to select a 5V charger for a 5V device is the voltage compatibility. It is advisable to use a charger that is compatible with the 5V device.