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power bank with 2 usb port


card power bank

The World Thinnest Power bank

Credit Card Size – Carry in Wallet/Purse – Built in Cable. 2500mAh, 5000mAh & 10000mAh. Power-Bank supply power banks in india with warranty and good quality with genuine capacity. We welcome you to test our promotional power bank portable charger with battery capacity to compare the quality.

Card Power Bank Capacity 2000 mAh – 2500 mAh


Card Power Bank Capacity 5000 mAh & 5200 mAh

Card Power Bank 10400 mAh 


wireless power bank

Wireless Phone Charger is a good performance. Smartphone is becoming a partner , a friend , a necessity of our life and work. However, we often encounter its power down, so power bank is necessary. However , as technology update, power bank has more forms to make our life more convenient. Best Trending Wireless power banks Charger with corporate Attractive Gift packaging

wireless Power Bank


What is wireless Power Bank Charger ?


Solar Power Banks

Solar power banks charge a host of everyday items by capturing the sun’s energy on a solar panel. This makes them popular for those who are trying to conserve energy and help the environment. However, they are also popular among those who travel a lot and need to have phone batteries charged at all times. From smartphones and iPads to some cameras, these banks are particularly useful when users are away from an electrical outlet. Customers can find a variety of banks with many different features, but the top 10 solar banks all have some special characteristic that makes them a good option, such as durability, efficiency, pleasing design, or waterproofing. Not only will these keep a mobile phone charged, but some have enough power to charge larger devices, like a tablet, and for not much money.

Solar Power Bank


pen with usb & Power Bank

Power Wonder  3 in 1 Pen with iPhone Power Bank and Stylus. Your emergency power will always be at your finger tip just slide open and charge your iPhone 5/6/6s /6 Plus no cables needed and no outlet charge anywhere. The Pen Power bank is a innovation in gadget that will allow you to carry it any where and use it as a Pen or a Stylus. The built in connector just plugs right into the charging port and gives the boost you need to finish what you are doing.   All metal constructions with a built in standard USB port to recharge and reuse the power bank.
It is the most innovative gift for anyone with a smart phone. They say the Pen is mightier than the sword in this case the Pen is mightier than the phone as it brings it back to life when out of power.  This may qualify as a the worlds smallest cordless power bank.

Pen with Power Bank with OTG PEN DRIVE